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  • Ladies Who Lead is a network of dynamic professional women who believe that by Building Business, Building Self, Building Relationships and Building Community, we can lift each other up to achieve our goals.

  • International Women's Day 2023, I wanted to ensure I used my platform to shine light on an organization I believe in so deeply. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica Powless - as well as some other lovely ladies - who works as Nova Vita’s special events and public education coordinator. Jessica shared some humbling statistics about the state of interpersonal violence and abuse, as well as some more promising ones. Yet it is clear that more needs to be done, and that can’t happen if we don’t at least begin with a conversation.

Vanessa believes it is hard to have a fulfilling business if not giving back to one's community. Via sponsorship, volunteering, and organizing local events, Vanessa takes part in causes focusing on supporting women in business and bettering the quality of life for people in her community.


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